Physical Requirements

Due to the nature of this Radiologic Technology, you must: 

  • Have sufficient strength, motor coordination and manual dexterity to transport and lift patients, adjust or manipulate a variety of radiographic equipment for proper alignment, and move or operate portable equipment.
  • Be able to clearly communicate in writing and orally with patients and staff, in addition to visually assess patient status, positioning and exposure critique.
  • Be mentally and emotionally stable in order to handle stressful situations, provide physical and emotional support to the patient, and see, hear, and respond to emergency situations.
  • Have the mental and intellectual capacity to calculate, review and evaluate proper exposure factors, patient positioning, procedural sequencing and other pertinent qualities based on sound judgment and decision making.


Students who need time off to attend funeral services are allowed up to 5 days for immediate family (spouse, parent, child, brother/sister). Three (3) days will be given for step-parent, present stepchildren, grandparent, grandchildren, son/daughter-in-law, sister/brother-in-law, spouse’s parents. Two days will be granted for all other family funerals.


The school recognizes the following six holidays a year and the student will not have academic classes or clinical education: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Personal Time

Students are allowed 18 days in the 2 years or 9 days per year as personal time. Students are given additional time off at Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays, and spring break.


Because radiation can pose potential danger to the fetus, the school maintains a pregnancy policy.

Student Services

All students are granted access to the services available within the health system to include, but not limited to, libraries, confidential counseling, health assessments, CPR, and educational activities.  The program also adheres to all ADA policies and accommodations can be requested through the Program Director.


Nautical blue scrub top, pants, and lab coat by Landau are required. Uniforms may be purchased at any uniform shop carrying the Landau brand. Short-sleeve, white T-shirts may be worn under scrub tops and always tucked in. Nurses' shoes, leather tennis shoes, or crocs must be white or nautical blue. Flip-flops, sweaters, long-sleeve T-shirts, knit pants or white jeans are inappropriate. Contact the School for more information.

Program Withdrawal Information