CHI Health Quick Care - Omaha, Nebraska
Quick Care

Quick Facts

  • Walk-Ins Welcome
  • We see patients 18 months & older
  • Visits take 20 mins or less

Locations (inside HyVee)

  • 73rd and Hwy 370
  • 79th and Cass
  • 96th and Q
  • 144th and Stony Brook
  • 156th and Maple
  • 180th and Pacific
  • 180th and Q
  • 5212 3rd Av
    Kearney, NE 
  • Map the locations


Closed for a 30-minute lunch each day.

Need care now? CHI Health Virtual Care

Quick Care

Welcome to CHI Health Quick Care, a convenient walk-in clinic located within area HyVee supermarkets, providing minor medical care that fits into your hectic schedule. Whether you need a health screening, a tetanus shot, or treatment for a minor illness, Quick Care is open evenings and on weekends - with no appointment necessary.

We provide urgent minor medical care - treatments, screenings and adult immunizations - for patients ages 18 months and older. For patients under 18 months, please go to Urgent Care. Quick Care does not provide emergency services. For emergencies, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.  For patients age 18 and younger, a parent must provide consent for care in person.



Bronchitis $89
Colds $89
Ear Infection $89
Ear Wax Removal $89
Female Bladder Infection
*13 years of age and older
Flu Mist
*(2 – 49 yrs)
Flu Shots
(18 months and older)
Influenza $94
Minor Skin Irritations $89
Pink Eye $89
Seasonal Allergies $89
Sinus Infection $89
Strep Throat $94
Mononucleosis $99

Free blood pressure checks available


Daycare Provider Physical $50
Pregnancy Test (urine) $30
Tuberculosis $30
Sports/Daycare/Camp Physicals
*Does not include kindergarten, 7th Grade, college or adult sports physicals.

Please note:
*Sports/Daycare/Camp physicals are private pay only, and are not submitted to insurance. A copy of the child's immunization records is required at the time of visit.

(19 years and older)

Hepatitis A $110
Hepatitis B $80
Measles, Mumps, Rubella $91
Pneumonia $102
Tetanus $64
Tetanus/Pertussis Combo $70

Continuity of Care throughout CHI Health

Sometimes, it’s not convenient to go to the doctor’s office for a minor illness. Other times, your doctor’s office may not be open. At Quick Care, you can get immediate care when you need it. And because our electronic medical record system is networked throughout CHI Health locations, your Quick Care provider can access your record to check for drug allergies and previous prescriptions.

Should a follow-up appointment be necessary, your CHI Health Clinic provider can access the record of your Quick Care visit. Your doctor will know what treatment was provided and any medication and dosage that was prescribed. If your doctor is not part of CHI Health Clinic, we can send a visit note directly from the system. This integration helps your healthcare provider manage your health and improves quality of care.


Full payment (if paying cash) or co-payment (if filing insurance) is required at the time of payment.

Quick Care does not provide emergency services. For emergencies, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Quick Care providers are not able to treat patients for orthopedic or other long-term health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure. We will not treat patients who are under that age of 18 months. Please let us know if you have any questions or need a physician referral.

Travel Clinic at 180th & Pacific Quick Care

Quick Care at 180th & Pacific location (only) features a Travel Clinic where you can get the necessary vaccinations for travel abroad. Go to the Travel Clinic page for more information and the form you'll need to complete before going to the Travel Clinic.