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Q: I'm overweight (by about 30+ pounds, but would like to lose even more than that). I used to jog, should I start slow and walk before I actually begin jogging?
So Yun Park Grace, M.D.
I always recommend that you should start by taking steps that you know you can accomplish. So that does mean start slow. You can walk longer and longer distances then add in bursts of... Read Full Answer
Topics: Exercise,   Weight Management  

Q: Is it true that excessive heart burn can lead to throat cancer? I really hope not because I have had heartburn for years. What should I do?
Josette Gordon-Simet, M.D.
Excessive heartburn may be indicative of various medical issues. If you have never seen your physician about treatment or evaluation '''please do. specifically your question asks about the risk of throat cancer'''this would be... Read Full Answer
Topics: Cancer,   Gastroenterology,   Heartburn  

Q: I'm worried about he emotional health of my child at school. There's a notorious bully who is now in my child's class (this year). Are there behavioral symptoms to look for that could tip me off that he's the victim of this bully.
Tricia Schmit, M.D.
Unfortunately there always seem to be some bullies at school. I think it's important to continue to keep talking with your kid in case he has things he wants to share. Sometimes you will... Read Full Answer
Topics: Bullying,   Mental Health,   Pediatrics  

Q: I moved to Omaha from Kansas City about three and a half years ago. I never had allergies in Kansas City, but every Spring I have been in Omaha I seem to develop allergies and I feel like they are getting worse every year! Why do I have alergies in Omaha but not in Kansas City?
Michael J. Walts, M.D.
Some folks have allergy symptoms caused by specific things such as ragweed or cottonwood trees, etc. It's possible that you're allergic to something here in Omaha that isn't present in Kansas City.
Topics: Allergy,   Family Medicine  

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