Non-employees - CHI Health, Nebraska (NE) - Southwest Iowa (IA)


Welcome to CHI Health. The non-employee team’s mission is to establish practices surrounding nonemployees for the safety and quality of the healthcare provided to our patients and for the security of the information in which we are entrusted. A Nonemployee is defined as any workforce member who is not an employee of Catholic Health Initiatives. Please review the information below as our processes have changed. We thank you for choosing CHI Health and look forward to working with you.


Non-Employee: Review the tabs on the left side and determine what type of service you will be providing. Click on the link and follow the steps. If you are unsure of what type of non-employee you are please contact your sponsor/manager or contact for assistance.

Sponsor/Manager: Your sponsor or CHI Manager (this person is employed by CHI Health) must complete an intake form on website or obtain from HR.  Sponsors/Managers: click here for intake form 

Both of these items (the intake form and the packet) must be received by MyHR at the email mailbox and MUST be complete when received.  If information is received in HR, but is not complete, your packet will not be accepted.

After both of these steps are completed successfully, the sponsor will receive an email letting them know that the nonemployee information was received and cleared to start work at CHI Health.

For questions about this process, call 844-717-MyHR(6947) and press 6 for the local MyHR team or via email at


Non-Employee: If the non-employee is with the same company/school AND the start date has been within the last year, no action is needed from the non-employee. If the requirements above are not met a new packet is needed.

Sponsor/Manager: Your new sponsor needs to verify with your previous sponsor it is okay to transfer. Then they need to complete the Intake.