Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes - CHI Health, Nebraska (NE) - Southwest Iowa (IA)

Pumpkin CheesecakeBy Cardiac Dietitian Toni Kuehneman, MS, RD, LMNT


12 reduced-fat vanilla wafers
8 ounces light cream cheese, softened
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
½ cup canned pumpkin
¼ cup all-purpose flour
½ tsp. nutmeg
½ tsp. cinnamon


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Place paper liners in regular-sized cupcake pan.  Lay one vanilla wafer in the bottom of each cup, flat side down. 

Blend the cream cheese, eggs, sugar, pumpkin, flour, nutmeg and cinnamon well.  Fill each cup one-half full.  Bake for one hour.  Cool five minutes.  Then remove from cupcake pan and cool on wire rack. 

These cheesecakes can be modified to reduce calories, fat and carbohydrate.  Splenda may be substituted for the sugar.  Fat-free cream cheese may be substituted for light cream cheese.  I have included the nutrient analysis for all variations. My taste testers did prefer the original recipe.

Makes 12 servings.


Serving size: 1 mini cheesecake
Calories: 139 (82 with Splenda and light cream cheese; 66 with Splenda and fat-free cream cheese)
Carbohydrate: 23 grams (8 grams with Splenda instead of sugar)
Fiber: 1 gram
Fat: 4 grams (2 grams with fat-free cream cheese)
Saturated fat: 2 grams (0.5 grams with fat-free cream cheese)
Trans fat: 0
Protein: 3 grams
Sodium: 112 milligrams (156 milligrams with fat-free cream cheese)

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