Make Childbirth a Safe Experience You Will Treasure

At CHI Health, our experienced staff specializes in warm welcomes to expectant mothers. While every labor and delivery is different, you can rest assured that our knowledgeable and highly trained team of physicians, nurses and support specialists are experienced in every situation, including complicated and high-risk pregnancies. Before, during and after your special moment, your care will be completely personalized to your needs and wishes.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

During your labor and delivery, you can choose from a variety of pain relief options. These include nonmedical options, such as a birthing ball, music and aromatherapy, massage and breathing techniques. Our pharmaceutical options include relaxation medications and epidurals. If you choose an epidural, we have an anesthesiologist on call 24/7.

You will want to include your pain management wishes as part of your birth plan. However, because your pain management needs are impossible to predict, especially if you are a first time mom, we will support you in whatever option you choose.

What if I Need a C-section?

Cesarean sections (C-sections) are performed for a couple of reasons. Planned C-sections may be scheduled if you’ve had a previous C-section, and decide to skip labor and have another C-section. You may also have a planned C-section if your baby is in the wrong position—breech or bottom down, transverse or sideways, or if the placenta or blood supply to the baby is covering the cervix.

Unplanned C-sections occur during labor. If at any time during labor there is concern about your baby's heartbeat or how well your baby is tolerating labor, we will elect to do a C-section. If your cervix isn't dilating, or you continue to push but aren’t able to deliver the baby vaginally, then we will proceed with a C-section.

Once the baby is delivered, you will go to a recovery room for a short period of time and then up to a postpartum room. The entire time we will make sure you are comfortable with any pain medication you might need. You will be back to your normal activity in a couple of weeks.

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