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Joyce had never really performed breast self-exams, even though she knew she should. One day she noticed a lump on her breast. After a visit with her doctor, she was scheduled for a mammogram and biopsy. Less than 48 hours later, her doctor called. Joyce was at the grocery store at the time, and requested to receive the results right away. The doctor told her that she had cancer and she later learned it was Stage 3 breast cancer.

Joyce felt very strongly about her responsibility to be informed about her treatment options, and did a lot of her own research. Joyce had read about TomoTherapy in her research. Joyce’s hairdresser gave her a business card from a radiation oncologist at CHI Health. When Joyce finally met the radiation oncologist, it was confirmed that TomoTherapy was a great option for treating Joyce’s case. When Joyce started chemotherapy, her husband helped her shave her head. She went to the Image Recovery Center to find wigs that made her feel more like herself.

Today, Joyce serves on the Patient Advisory Board at CHI Health as a way to help continually look at cancer treatment and how to make it better for the patient. She also encourages others to take the time for preventive care. Joyce now focuses on slowing down to enjoy her life, and has taken up boot camp workouts and jogging. She credits her husband, son, friends, family and her church for support throughout her recovery.


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