The CHI Health Image Recovery Center is a comprehensive hospital-based appearance enhancement program available to cancer patients. Image Recovery is an integral part of oncology treatment services at CHI Health and is designed to help patients prepare for appearance changes they will experience due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. The Image Recovery Center is staffed by clinically trained cosmetologists who understand the side effects associated with cancer treatment.

Clinically Trained Staff

The Image Recovery Center at CHI Health is rooted in medical science, our clinical cosmetologists, certified mastectomy fitters and massage therapists have been trained to provide services especially for oncology patients. More importantly, they can be a comforting voice of experience at a very vulnerable time.

A certified mastectomy fitter is a health care professional who is specifically educated and trained in the provision of breast prostheses and post-mastectomy services. Fitters must have completed a minimum of 500 hours of mastectomy fitting to obtain certification fulfilled after completion of a NCOPE-approved mastectomy fitter educational program.

Our specially trained clinical cosmetologists know resolving appearance issues that arise while undergoing treatment can enhance recovery as well.

Wigs and Hair Services

How the hair, skin and nails are affected varies depending on the type of cancer and the therapy being administered. At your initial consultation, which is free of charge, we’ll help you develop a comprehensive image plan designed around your goals. Because this can be such a stressful time, our services are provided in a spa like setting that is peaceful and relaxing. At the Image Recovery Center you will find the below products:

  • Hand and nail products
  • Mastectomy-related products
  • Skin care products
  • Wigs, head coverings, hats and scarves
  • Books
  • Hair Care products
  • Miscellaneous Gift Items
  • Post-surgical garments, bras, prostheses (breast forms), swimwear and intimate apparel
  • State-of-the-art post-mastectomy, lumpectomy and reconstruction products

For cancer patients who are presently undergoing cancer treatment, we provide haircuts, styling and specialized services that include scalp and hair conditioning treatments. Clinically trained cosmetologists are there to help address hair loss.

Massage Therapists

The American Cancer Society states "studies of massage for cancer patients suggest massage can decrease stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue. Many health care professionals recognize massage as a useful, noninvasive addition to standard medical treatment." The Image Recovery Center's  trained massage therapists  have expertise in working safely with people with cancer and with cancer survivors. At CHI Health, our massage therapy is an important component of our Image Recovery Center, helping patients heal their spirits and cope with the illness by addressing temporary and long-term physical changes. Massage can do several helpful things for you:

  • Relax muscles
  • Increase your circulation
  • Help you sleep better
  • Help your overall well-being
  • Give you a connection with someone else
  • Calm you if you are restless and perk you up if you're feeling down
Image Recovery Center
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