How to Talk to Your Kids About Bullying

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Bullying comes in many forms. As parents we need to keep our eyes open. Sometimes the signs are simple to spot – like a fat lip, black eye, or bruises. Often times the bullying is harder to see. Your child may become withdrawn and not want to talk to you about school. They may complain of an upset stomach or headache and try to get out of going to school. These are signs you may want to start the conversation about bullying. Don’t dive in by asking if you’ve been bullied instead ask if they know anyone at school who’s been picked on or if they know any bullies at school.

Once you figure out what is bothering your child, start talking about solutions. Make sure they know to look people in the eye and speak in a firm voice. Teach them when to stand up for themselves and when to walk away. Let them know where they can go to get some help and when it’s appropriate to get help from an adult. This should give them some tools to deal with difficult situations. Make sure you also speak with your child about social media and the problems that can arise. If your child is experiencing stomach aches or headaches, it’s a good idea to check in with your doctor to make sure there are no medical reasons behind their symptoms.