Advance Directives



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  • Learn more about Advance Directives

    Resources: Advance Directives booklet, Video and the FAQ brochure.
    Think about what you might want your treatment to be like in certain medical circumstances, particularly about your care if you have a life-limiting illness. This might include exploring your preferences regarding CPR, meeting your nutritional needs, understanding what to expect and what can provide comfort.Talk with your health care provider or contact the Ethics Center for more information.

  • Select your Representative/surrogate

    Resource: Selecting a Surrogate Decision-maker
    When you think about who you want to represent your voice in decision-making when you cannot, you should: 
  • Select someone you trust
  • Select someone who knows your values, beliefs and wishes
  • Select someone who can be available to your care team
  • Select someone who is willing to be your representative

  • Complete your Advance Directives documents

    Resource: Advance Directives forms are available in the booklet and online.
    Once you’ve completed your Advance Directives documents, be sure to give copies to:
    • Your provider(s)
    • The person(s) you name as your surrogate/representative
    • Others who you want to know your preferences
    • Carry a copy of the Advance Directives Wallet Card with you in a wallet, purse or glove compartment

  • Talk to your surrogate, loved ones and your providers about your wishes  

    Resource: Conversation Starter

  • Review your Advance Directives periodically to be sure they are current
  • Annually as New Year’s Resolution
  • Before annual physicals
  • Any time your preferences or contact information for your representatives/surrogate changes.