You’re pregnant – now what? Finding the right physician who will help you every step of the way is your first big decision. So where do you start – right here at

You can find what you’re looking for by clicking on the find a doctor tab. Whether you need a family physician, an OBGYN, or other specialist, view the video intro to find the perfect doctor for you and your growing family.

For high-risk pregnancies CHI Health offers specialists in maternal fetal medicine. These highly skilled physicians provide comprehensive care - keeping a close eye on mom and baby throughout pregnancy.

With clinics in Nebrasaka and Iowa, CHI Health offers this extra special care where it’s most convenient for you.

Throughout your pregnancy, your physician will coordinate tests and screenings, including ultrasounds, to monitor the growth and development of your baby.

A good doctor-patient relationship is key to keeping your pregnancy stress-free and delivering a happy healthy bundle of joy.