FAQs - CHI Health, Nebraska (NE) - Southwest Iowa (IA)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Non-employee Onboarding Process

Q: I am not sure which packet to complete?

We have listed some examples of the job types on each page under “who does this include”. If you are still unsure please email us at nonemployees@alegent.org so we can help you determine the correct packet. If you complete the incorrect packet it will delay your start date.

Q: I need access to the Alegent network and the CHI Network, how can I get both?

Currently we are set up on two systems in the state of Nebraska. Be sure to mark both facilities you are supporting so we can enter you in both of our systems. Example: mark Bergan for Alegent network and St. Francis for CHI network.

Q: My company/school does not perform background checks. Can you do it for me?

CHI Health works with Accurate Background to run background checks, sex offender checks and Nebraska adult and abuse checks. There is a fee of $20 associated with running these checks. If you choose this route, please note on your packet that Accurate Background ran the checks and we need to pull the results. Instructions to run this check.

Q: My company/School does not perform Sex offender checks?

If you are working in Nebraska, please log into https://sor.nebraska.gov. Search by your name and print the page of the website showing "'your name' didn't provide any results." If you use Accurate Background, they will perform this check for you.

The State of Iowa has a separate process for running background checks. If you are working in the State of Iowa, please contact CHI Health directly to initate the process. Additional payment and paperwork are required.

Q: My company/School does not perform Nebraska Abuse checks?

The state of Nebraska also requires an abuse check. If your company/school does not perform you will need to complete a self-check. You would complete form CFS-F fillable and write self-check in the space where it asks for organizational information. If you have additional question on how to complete this form please contact the state directly at 402-471-9272. You will need to give your results to your school or include them with your packet.  Please see their website and complete the self-check paperwork. If you use Accurate Background, they will perform this check for you.

Q: My company or school does not perform the health screening that you require. Do I have to complete them?

If your company does not offer the screenings, you are welcome to go an independent company to have these performed or we can assist at one of our CHI Health locations. Please contact the office before you go to set up payment if required. Also
please tell them you are a CHI Health non-employee. Click here for locations.

Q: I don’t know who my sponsor is?

Your sponsor would be someone who is employed by CHI and is agreeing to sponsor you while you are working in our facilities. This person may be the director of the unit or the person who schedules you for shifts. It differs for each area of the company.

Q: If I travel to different CHI Health facilities do I have to complete a packet each time?

No, your packet is good at all CHI Health facilities for one year. If you are moving facilities, then you need to have your sponsor complete a transfer form so we can update the information in the system. After one year, you will be required to complete a renewal process and update your information. If you do not your access will be terminates.

Q: The General Orientation will not open for me.

See our Troubleshooting document for assistance. It is possible your computer browser needs to be updated.

Q: I completed all my paperwork, now what happens?

Your sponsor/manager at CHI Health needs to complete some information that will assist HR in entering you into our HR tracking system. Once we get that information from them HR will send the sponsor your ID number. After that they can start the process of gaining IT access.