CHI Health Emergency Medicine physicians are experts in diagnosing and managing unforeseen illnesses and injuries. They provide evaluation, care and stabilization; taking actions necessary to prevent death or any further disability.

For serious injuries and illnesses, Emergency Medicine physicians quickly evaluate, resuscitate and stabilize patients, then refer them to the appropriate level of follow-up care, whether it is admission to the hospital or releasing them after treatment. Emergency Medicine physicians also treat less serious acute conditions such as broken bones, emergent toxicological conditions and lacerations when other clinics or priority care centers are closed.

Because they must treat and manage a wide range of conditions, Emergency Medicine physicians require the knowledge and skills of many medical specialties, including surgery, cardiology, internal medicine, infectious diseases, orthopedics, gastroenterology, ENT, pediatrics, psychiatry, and ob/gyn. Emergency Medicine physicians also receive training in a wide variety of clinical procedures.