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eFocus/eICU: Innovating Patient Care

When your loved one is in the Intensive Care Unit, it is a stressful time. You want to know that he or she will receive the best medical care and closest observation.

As part of our ongoing Quality Initiative, CHI Health offers a second layer of care, officially named eFocus/eICU, to intensive care patients in all metro Omaha CHI Health hospitals. CHI Health has partnered with the industry leader, Philips, to implement its eICU® program.

eFocus/eICU represents innovation at its highest level and is the most advanced pairing of high quality patient care and technology in critical medicine. It has been repeatedly shown in systems that have implemented eFocus/eICU technology that with the extra level of vigilance – patient mortality is significantly reduced, patient outcomes are significantly improved and length of stay is reduced.

How does CHI Health eFocus/eICU work?

The eFocus/eICU team works with your physician and bedside care team to promote a quality level of care. Using computers and sophisticated technology, a critical care/intensivist physician along with critical care nurses can accurately monitor ICU patients from an off-site location. The eFocus/eICU Monitoring Center is staffed 24 hours a day by a multidisciplinary critical care team that leverages over 40 years of critical care experience.

How does my doctor work with the CHI Health eFocus/eICU team?

Your physician designates the level of care he or she wishes to delegate to the eFocus/eICU team. This may range from monitoring to fully implementing the care plan as ordered by your physician. In all instances, the ICU and eFocus/eICU care teams are available to respond to emergent issues as they arise. Regardless of the circumstances, the eFocus/eICU team communicates frequently with your physician about the medical care plan.

How does the CHI Health eFocus/eICU team deliver medical care?

Vital signs, medications, blood test results, X-rays and other information from the bedside monitors are sent to the eFocus/eICU Monitoring Center by private high-speed data lines. This information is displayed on computers exactly as you see it in the hospital room for the doctors and nurses to view. Patients can be examined through the use of special cameras if necessary and the eFocus/eICU team can talk directly with the hospital doctors and nurses, taking a burden off of the floor nurse.

The team also has powerful computer systems that continuously analyze the information and alerts them to possible problems. This early warning software allows the staff to recognize possible complications more quickly, before they become severe.

The combination of the nurses and doctors in the hospital ICU and the eFocus/eICU team provides the best possible care.

How does eFocus/eICU improve medical care?

Through their careful monitoring of patients on ventilators, the eFocus team enables the weaning of patients off ventilators much sooner and gets them down to the next (better) level of care. This lowers the number of days patients spend in the ICU.

How can I be sure my loved one’s private health information is protected?

Several measures have been taken:

  •  Access to information is limited to those with hospital authorization
  •  Information is not released to anyone other than those providing medical care
  •  No recording is ever made from either the camera or microphone
  •  Sending patient information to and from eFocus/eICU occurs only over private connections

Although new technology is used to assist medical care, it will never replace human interaction. CHI Health knows the importance of a warm touch, a sense of caring and face-to-face communication with doctors and nurses in the healing process. Rest assured, nurses will always be present in the ICU and available to provide immediate care for your loved one.

For more information about eFocus/eICU, call (402) 717-3568.

CHI Health eFocus/eICU

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