Driver Rehabilitation

The goal of CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute's Driver Rehabilitation Program is to help individuals with a learning disability, physical ailment and the elderly drive safely. A physician referral is needed to participate in the program. Candidates also must be at least 15 years of age and meet requirements necessary to obtain a state drivers license or permit.

A thorough driving assessment is completed before the candidate enters the Driver Rehabilitation Program. This process evaluates specific abilities needed to operate a vehicle safely. Medical history, visual/perceptual skills, reaction time, cognition, transfer skills, basic driving knowledge and adaptive equipment needs are assessed.

Based on the information provided from the initial driver evaluation, recommendations are made for vehicle selection and adaptive equipment needs. The Immanuel Rehabilitation staff works closely with the providers of the specialized equipment in order to guarantee that proper vehicle modifications are made. Special attention is given to driver safety and cost containment.

The driver education portion of the program include classroom and on-the-road instruction designed to teach students to be safe, defensive drivers.

Physically Challenged
The CHI Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Institute offers a program designed to meet the needs of individuals who have suffered from a stroke, head or spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy or other neurological conditions. Emphasis is placed on basic visual/perceptual, cognitive and physical aspects of driving.

Older, Adult Drivers
The skills required for driving can often decline with age. Limitations need to be recognized so older adult drivers can compensate accordingly. Drivers who are not able to read signs clearly; who have difficulty making judgments while driving; or who notice slowed reaction time are among the candidates for this program. If testing indicates that an individual should not be driving, transportation alternatives are presented.

School-Aged Physically or Learning Disabled
This program was established for students who have a physical or learning disability and who have never had a driver's license. The program offers intense one-on-one classroom instruction. Driving instruction by a certified driver educator will begin after an initial evaluation is performed by an occupational therapist.

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CHI Health Driver Rehabilitation Program

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