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Is your toddler driving you crazy? You’re not alone. Sometimes they can get on our nerves and it’s hard to know how to discipline them. Time outs can be a great resource for parents. Because toddlers have a hard time communicating, they don’t have a lot of self control, and they have a short attention span – you need to keep a few things in mind when putting them in a time-out. Keep your instructions short and be consistent so your child knows what to expect.

First designate a time-out area that doesn’t have any distractions or toys so children are not entertained while they are there.

Limit the time out to one minute per year of age.

Set a timer so the child knows when the time-out is up.Be creative if time-outs don’t work, consider putting a special toy or doll in a timeout. That might be enough to redirect your child’s behavior.

Sometimes removing children from the situation may be the answer.

If you are consistent and firm with your discipline, your child will eventually learn what to expect and you won’t have as many problems.