Diversity & Inclusion

Alegent Creighton Health's journey is guided by our Vision of what we can become for the benefit of our patients and community. We know we can reach our ambitious goals because of our strong common values and the sense of community we share in our Mission to provide high quality care for the body, mind and spirit of every person.

As the region's largest private employer with 9,000 employees, Alegent Creighton Health has the unique ability to provide a diverse and unique service experience along with career and learning opportunities for every employee. We are an employer working to ensure that every patient and employee who comes through our doors is treated fairly and equally regardless of their background or ability to pay for services. By working to reflect the diversity of our community within our staff, we are also providing opportunities for personal growth and the development of an inclusive workforce.

Alegent Creighton Health's journey toward diversity will pursue three main goals:

1) a diverse workforce
2) an inclusive organizational culture
3) culturally competent healthcare.


Alegent Creighton Health's Diversity Council has prepared the following definitions in support of our future diversity initiatives:

  • Diversity
    The distinct and appreciable differences among individuals.

  • Inclusivity
    An environment or culture in which opportunities, interaction, communication and decision making allow participation by, and input from, all perspectives.

  • Cultural Competency
    The behaviors, attitudes and policies that together enable effective work in cross-cultural situations.