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It’s not exactly a topic of conversation for the dinner table but it’s something that often comes up at visit with your doctor. Bowel movements are part of life but what is considered normal? When are you considered constipated?

Dr. Bob Kizer, Gastroenterologist with CHI Health says people spend a lot of time and money and effort trying to go to the bathroom more frequently or less frequently. The fact is there is no normal amount of times that someone should have a bowel movement.

How to tell if you are constipated

  • You need to strain and push
  • You do not feel completely finished
  • You need to use special maneuvers 
  • Using these techniques 25% of the time

If you think you have a problem with constipation, many strides have been made in addressing this problem. CHI Health Clinic gastroenterologists are here to help. Call 402-717-9800.