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Keeping Mom Comfortable During Childbirth

By the time you reach the end of your pregnancy, you’ve heard it all - what labor feels like and what you should expect. But the truth is no two women experience labor the same.

At CHI Health the goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible and make the birthing experience a memorable one. So go ahead and bring some of your favorite things from home – a special lotion and comfy pillow. You and your physician will discuss your pain management options long before you check into the hospital.

Non-medical options include birthing balls, music, aromatherapy, massage and breathing techniques. Your nurses will help you with different options based on your wishes.

Your pharmaceutical options include relaxation medications and an epidural. If you choose an epidural, CHI Health has an anesthesiologist available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It’s good to have a pain management plan but know things can change and the plan in the delivery room will always put the health of baby and mom first.

Pain management doesn’t end after delivery. Most women will experience discomfort. Your health care team will do its best to make you comfortable so you can concentrate on what’s important – bonding with your baby.