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Choosing a doctor for your baby can be confusing. You want someone who is board certified, but beyond the credentials you need to find someone you like and trust. You should start your search at least 3 months before your due date – just in case baby arrives early. Go to to help find a physician who fits your needs – your doctor can also help with referrals - then take the time to interview the physician in advance to make sure you find a good fit. This is your time to get acquainted with the doctor, office staff and style. You will be spending a lot of time with your baby’s doctor – doing your homework now will help you feel confident your baby is in good hands.

Your baby's first physical examination will be performed moments after delivery, so it is important to choose a doctor beforehand. CHI Health Clinic Pediatrics and Family Medicine specialists provide comprehensive, family centered care for infants, children and teenagers.


A pediatrician manages the physical, mental, and behavioral health of children from birth until age 21. Pediatricians have graduated from medical school and completed a three-year residency program in pediatrics. A board-certified pediatrician has been certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

All pediatricians are located at CHI Health Clinics where family practice clinicians are available to see the rest of the family; often on the same day, eliminating the need to make separate trips to multiple clinics. In addition, because our pediatricians work in a family centered setting, they are able to provide collaborative care that not only focuses on your child, but the entire family.

Well-Baby Exams

Within the first few days after leaving the hospital, your baby will begin a series of well-baby exams. A well-baby exam involves measurements, vaccinations and an evaluation of your baby’s development. Even when things are going well, frequent checkups during the first year are an important way to monitor your baby’s growth and development. Your baby’s physician will provide guidance on the physical and emotional well being of your child during well-baby exams.

A well-baby exam may include:

  • Tests, such as vision, hearing and lab services
  • Shots (vaccinations)
  • Lead screening (children under 3 years or as needed for older children)
  • Tracking growth and development
  • Medical referrals to specialists, if needed

The following parenting tips and behavior support may also be discussed:

  • Proper diet and nutrition
  • Setting and maintaining sleep schedules
  • Toilet training
  • Help with bed-wetting
  • Safety education
  • Discipline
  • Sibling relationships

Free “Meet and Greet” with a Pediatrician

Whether you are expecting your first child, or looking for a pediatrician for your children, finding the right pediatrician is a big decision. To help in this decision we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to show you around our office and answer any questions you may have. Please call one of the clinics to schedule a free visit with one of our pediatricians.