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A breast ultrasound is a painless way to take a picture inside the breast. It shows areas that are sometimes hard to see with a mammogram. This is not an x-ray – sound waves are used to create the picture.

A breast ultrasound can be used to identify a lump, pain, swelling, or any abnormal findings on your mammogram. It can also be used to help see through dense breasts. The breast ultrasound does not replace a mammogram but may be used in conjunction with it.

For this procedure you will undress from the waist up, lie on your back and gel will be placed on your breast. A radiologist or technologist will use a small handheld device or transducer to scan your breast.

A breast ultrasound is an important tool to help your physician get a better idea of what’s going on inside the breast. Once the procedure is complete a radiologist will review the images and a report will be sent to your physician.