Alegent Creighton Health

The partnership between Alegent Health and Creighton University is now reflected in hospitals and clinics across the region. Alegent Creighton Health, a new name prompted by Alegent and Creighton's strategic affiliation, solidifies the partnership that is built on their shared faith-based Missions.

"This was a very big decision supported by research and based on our patients' and communities' expectations," said Richard A. Hachten II, FACHE, president and chief executive officer of Alegent Health. "The reason Alegent and Creighton are coming together is for our community, so what they think is important."

"As the new names reflect, these new healthcare entities will further the Missions of both faith-based organizations by improving local healthcare and transforming medical education for the benefit of physicians, students and the communities we serve," said Timothy R. Lannon, S.J., president of Creighton University.

The new name was approved by the Alegent Health Board of Directors and filed with the State of Nebraska in August. That filing marked the beginning of the last stage of the acquisition and affiliation process. On Sept. 1, Alegent finalized the acquisition of Creighton University Medical Center (CUMC), the long-term strategic affiliation with Creighton University, and the academic affiliation that will make Alegent Creighton hospitals and clinics the primary teaching sites for the schools of health sciences.

As part of the strategic affiliation, Creighton University's physician practice, Creighton Medical Associats (CMA), also became part of Alegent Health Clinic. The new physician group is now named:

Alegent Creighton Clinic