General Cardiology - CHI Health, Omaha, Nebraska (NE)

Our general cardiology services at the CHI Health Heart & Vascular Care include preventive cardiology, sophisticated diagnostic and treatment services and referral, as needed, to specialized cardiologists.

Treatment options include help for lifestyle changes, medicines, and various non-surgical and surgical procedures. General cardiologists work with the cardiovascular sub-specialists (experts who deal with a particular area of the heart) to offer the best treatment options for each person, one heart at a time.  

Our Expert Team

The CHI Health Heart & Vascular Care is home to highly skilled cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, cardio-thoracic surgeons and vascular surgeons to guide you through your treatment. The skill and experience of our physicians provide high-quality patient-centered care and offering care for the most complex cases that no one else can. Our team includes:


Treatments & Procedures