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Weight Management Success Stories

Deb B.

Description: In November 2009, I had the gastric adjustable gastric band placed by Dr. Tom White. Today, I am a new person and I am down almost 70lbs and feel great!!

Bill W.

I have been teased all my life due to being overweight. It came to a point they I was unable to do simple things in life, such as tie my shoes, walk with my wife shopping, etc. I was at my highest weight, nearly 500 lbs. and decided I needed to do something...I have lost over 180 lbs. and am gaining my life back.

Karen V.

The HMR program has made my everyday life so much more enjoyable! Shopping is now a joy! I’ve gone from a size 24 to a size 12! I can walk great distances without breathing hard. I have much better balance and flexibility.

Barbara M.

My life changed for the better after coming to the Alegent Health Weight Management Center. After embracing HMR and 6 months in the program, I’ve finally realized “I got it!” My life is joyful, healthy, and active. Everybody in my family eats better now too!

Joy C.

The HMR program taught me healthy eating and gave me the tools to plan and be disciplined. The combination of portion control, physical activity and the classroom support gave me the skills to be able to take the weight off and keep it off.

Shane L.

...Only through the support of my family and friends, especially my friends from class and the staff at the Weight Management Center, was my success possible. I lost 100 pounds in 13 weeks and dropped 12 sizes in my waist! I now can run 6 miles in an hour!

Annette S.

My highest weight was 350 lbs. That is when I decided to have a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass with Dr. Tom White. Just 10 months later, my weight is down to 210 lbs and most importantly all my medical conditions were completely resolved.

Rich N.

Healthy Solutions led me to my goal weight of 185 pounds by December 2006, just eight months from enrollment. During my weight loss I never went hungry. I went from being able to walk six blocks to walking five to six miles to running seven to ten miles!

Phil F.

The Alegent Health Weight Management Center has changed my life. After losing 111 pounds, I feel more energetic and I am participating in more activities like being able to ride the rides at Disneyland and boogie-boarding in the Pacific Ocean! My pant size shrunk from a size 48 to a size 38!

Diane J., Karen P. & Lynn P.

Immanuel’s Weight Management Center gave us the ‘know how’ and tools to be fit. Together, we have lost 150 pounds! We all agree that we’ve made a life long modifications in our lifestyles. Words cannot express the gratitude that our family has for this program and staff.

Ramona T.

The Alegent HMR Weight Management Program is the best thing I have ever done for myself! The program taught me what I need to succeed in my weight-loss journey...The staff gives constant support, are cheerleaders and motivators... I’m able to wear a size 6 clothing now!

Kathy W.

Almost 300, 32, and 0 were the only numbers I recognized a little over a year ago...numbers that I would not share with anyone. Today, with the help of the awesome HMR program and staff, I am proud to share: 112 pounds lost (& still counting!), size 14 clothes and averaging 5000 PA calories a week. I now love to share my numbers...

Marti B.

I joined the Alegent Health Weight Management Program June, 2005. At that time I truly felt I was physically beginning to die. I had a stressful lifestyle and just learned my cholesterol was even higher than the previous year. Today I am much fitter, no longer smoke, have a less stressful lifestyle and my cholesterol is normal!...