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At Alegent Creighton Health our core purpose is to heal the body, mind and spirit. Our most important focus is to care for our patients and their families. To do this, all Alegent Health employees are expected to serve others by incorporating specific behaviors into their day-to-day work. Our Commitments describe specific day-to-day work expectations based on our mission and values.
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We hold a deep regard for the dignity of each person; expressing gratitude for all that has been created by and in the image of God.

Our faith-based healing ministry calls us to form sincere, caring relationships allowing us to share in others’ joys and sorrows.

We uphold the trust people place in us by remaining faithful to our Mission; accountable for honest, ethical and responsible behaviors.

We intentionally work together using our God-given talents to achieve our Mission.

Our passionate commitment to our Mission drives us to exceed expectations and be the best in all we do.

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