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Varian Trilogy

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The world’s most advanced cancer treatment.
Only at Alegent Health.

The Varian Trilogy with RapidArc® radiotherapy technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in cancer treatment that delivers powerful tumor-destroying radiation with remarkable precision.

How It Works
The Varian Trilogy with RapidArc® radiotherapy technology is an effective cancer treatment representing an advanced new form of image-guided radiation. This technology enables clinicians to program a linear accelerator, which delivers precise forms of radiation up to eight times faster than other radiation systems. It does this by delivering the complete radiation treatment to you in fewer rotations than traditional radiation. As a result, your tumor will receive the full radiation dose within less than two minutes compared with 10 minutes or longer from conventional radiation treatments.

Treatment speed is important because it reduces the time that you must lie still and avoid any movement. As treatment time is reduced, the Varian Trilogy with RapidArc® has the potential to improve both your quality of care and comfort.