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Vascular Rehabilitation

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WalkersThe Alegent Health Vascular Rehabilitation Program is designed to help patients diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Vascular rehabilitation can help to halt or reverse the risk factors contributing to PAD by building exercise tolerance and improving walking ability. It especially benefits smokers or those with diabetes or high cholesterol.

  • Decreased discomfort with activity
  • Increases walking distance and endurance
  • Teaches about risk factors for vascular disease
  • Assists in developing healthy eating habits
  • Introduces stress awareness and management
  • Offers ongoing support and encouragement
  • Reduces potential need for surgery
Initial Assessment
The Vascular Rehab program is customized for each individual based on age, ability, medical condition, and prognosis. Before entering the program, a person undergoes initial vascular studies and a treadmill-walking test, ordered by their physician.

Outpatient Vascular Rehab
A participant follows the program, under the direction of a board-certified vascular surgeon. There are two 12-week outpatient sessions:

  • Acute Vascular Rehab
  • Maintenance Vascular Rehab
Participants gradually build up their exercise tolerance (via treadmill walking) and learn lifestyle modification. Vascular rehab may increase walking tolerance by 400 to 500 percent. At discharge, baseline testing is repeated and reported to the referring physician with a recommendation to continue in a maintenance program. Exercise training is a lifelong commitment if it is to be an alternative to surgery.

For fees and more information, call 1-800-ALEGENT.

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