O-Arm Imaging System

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Locations: CHI Health Immanuel

Alegent Health Immanuel Medical Center is one of first hospitals in the U.S. to offer the O-arm® Multidimensional Surgical Imaging System technology. This revolutionary scanning system provides orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons a 360º scan or the operative area, as well as multi-plane 2-D and fluoroscopic images. Immanuel Medical Center helped the developer improve the O-arm's capability by assisting in the design of future enhancements.

Less Invasive, More Effective

The intraoperative imaging and navigation provided by the O-arm allows the surgeon to perform a CT scan during surgery without having to move the patient. The surgeon can visualize anatomy in 3-D.

GPS-guided tools enable the surgeon to see the exact placement of surgical instrumentation and make precise incisions during the procedure. Having this critical information during each phase of the surgical experience potentially reduces the need for repeat surgery.

Accurate Data for Better Decisions
Surgery with the O-arm Imaging System and navigation technology may enable your surgeon to:

  • Precisely navigate through the delicate anatomy at exactly the correct angle and avoid critical structures like the spinal cord.
  • Perform a more minimally invasive procedure (fewer and smaller incisions).
  • Preserve healthy tissue during surgery.
  • Minimize complication, pain, recovery time, and the need for repeat surgeries.

The O-arm System takes a complex surgery and makes it seem routine. It is the standard of care for difficult procedures.