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VoiceCare is a voice messaging system for shift-to-shift reporting which improves patient outcomes and nursing practice. This system allows nurses to pick up the phone and record their reports any time during their shift - so they're finished reporting before shift change. Oncoming nurses hear reports immediately and still have time to ask questions.

Features include:

  • automated and standardized report template containing:
    - patient identifier
    - patient history
    - patient safety alerts
    - pertinent recent clinical information
    - daily patient goals
  • standardized approach to hand-off communications

VoiceCare technology improves patient outcomes by increasing the time nurses spend in direct patient care. This freed up time has shown to have a direct bearing on quality of care and patient outcomes. Additional benefits include:

  • improved communication among caregivers
  • improved accuracy and accessibility of patient information
  • smooth patient hand-off
  • flexibility of exchange of hand-off communications at the beginning and the end of each shift and for patient transfers
  • time to give report on average per nurse is reduced by 10 minutes – giving time back to the nurse to spend with his/her patients
  • improved patient care and patient satisfaction