Neuro-Oncology Services Team

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Medical Physicists and Dosimetrists
Medical physicists and dosimetrists collaborate with the radiation oncologist or Neurosurgeon to establish the most suitable direction and size of the radiation beams for each individual patient based on their CT Scan to provide high doses of radiation on the treatment site while sparing the healthy surrounding tissue. They also calculate the time necessary for each radiation treatment and ensure that the radiation is being properly delivered.

Colville E. Osborne MSc, DABR Chief Medical Physicist
Mark Cipolla MS, DABR Senior Medical Physicist
Jason Revers, RTT CMD Lead Dosimetrist
Rick Zastera, CMD Dosimetrist

For more information about Neuro-Oncology, please contact:

Kelli Haynes RN, MSN
Neuro-Oncology Nurse Coordinator
Contact via eMail
Phone: (402) 572-2052

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