Water Group Fitness

Ai Chi: A Total body strengthening and relaxation progression that bridges East and West philosophies. Ai Chi Integrates mental, physical and spiritual energy.

Aqua Fit: A shallow water exercise class designed to give you a complete workout. Each class includes cardio, strength and flexibility. All fitness levels welcome

Aqua Groove: This class is for all fitness levels! You will find your peak at whatever level you choose to work at. A modest amount of cardio, strength and flexibility will make this class a splash!

Aqua Pilate’s:  Improve your core strength with these challenging, functional, low impact exercises to help your overall wellbeing.

AQUA RESTORE: Improve flexibility and muscle strength to ease joint and muscle discomfort. Suspension exercises will be used to assist in back care and relaxation.

Deep Cardio:  A tough 45 minute cardio workout to get the heart pumping but keeps low impact on the body.

Deep Energy: Deep water aerobics that includes 60 minutes of intense aerobics, toning, abdominal exercises, cool down and stretch. All fitness levels welcome. (lap pool)

SHALLOW H2O: This class is whole body conditioning designed to increase cardio endurance flexibility, range of motion, and core strength.

Shallow Water Circuit: A 60 minute class conducted in the shallow water using various circuit intervals and resistance equipment to achieve a total body workout. All fitness levels welcome!

Shallow Water Intervals: A 60 minute class that will combine high intensity intervals with low intensity intervals. Abdominal work at the end. All fitness levels welcome!

Social Butterfly Group. This 45 Deep Water class is more about being social and making friends while working out! Come and laugh, talk, party, exercise, move and groove!

TABAQUA: Welcome to a new way of exercise!  20 seconds of intense exercise followed by a 10 second rest, repeated 8 cycles and 8 sets.  It’s fun and goes very fast!!!  Try and see how you like it!

Walk to lose: You will strengthen and build muscles with low-impact water walking techniques in this 45 min class. Take advantage of the natural resistance of water, which is 12 times the resistance to walking on land.

Water Boot Camp: Interval cardiovascular exercises and strength training in the water for this intense, total-body workout.

Water Works: Warm water classes will help anyone with joint concerns, including stiffness, arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain. These classes will increase your flexibility, balance and strength.