Today's health care environment is filled with challenging and complex questions.

  • How do I determine which options for my care best reflect my values and beliefs?
  • How do I decide what healthcare options are in my best interest?
  • Who can help me weigh the risks and benefits of treatment options as they relate to me?
  • Can I choose to stop a treatment once it is started?
  • What happens if my family members do not agree with my decision?
  • Who will make my healthcare decisions if I cannot speak for myself?

Often questions like these are met with uncertainty and indecision. Knowing which decision to make and which course of action to take can seem overwhelming. The Ethics Center staff can help.

The Ethics Center helps patients, families, physicians and care teams as they sort through complex healthcare decisions.

What Can I Expect from a Clinical Ethics Case Consultation?

When you call for a Clinical Ethics Case Consultation, you can expect to talk with someone dedicated to providing you with support, understanding and assistance as you and your family work through challenging questions. You can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. And you can expect confidentiality and attention to your needs.

Advance Directives
Making sure that we hear our patients' voices, and assuring that our patients are supported in their right to participate in care and to complete and provide their advance directives, is an important part of our commitment to patient-centered care.  All adult patients are encouraged to complete their Advance Directives documents, and are asked to bring copies with them when they visit any of our facilities. >>Learn more about Advance Directives.

Clinical Ethics Case Consultation Team:

Leslie Kuhnel
Ethics Center Officer
Ethics Center Administrator
Ron Elliott
Team Lead, Pastoral Care
Sally Carlson
Operations Director, Pastoral Care

How to contact the Ethics Center

Confidential Voicemail: 402-343-4476 

Download an Ethics Center Brochure