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His Life Changed in A Split Second, And Now a Painful Fight to Regain Use of His Hand After Fireworks Accident
Chris Wathor sold fireworks and shot them off for years, but a blast in April mangled his hand. Now he struggles to use a screwdriver
After Being Given 5 Percent Chance of Survival, Shooting Victim is Back on Her Feet
Novich’s family had been told by doctors at the Creighton University Medical Center that the 21-year-old shooting victim had about a 5 percent chance
Patient’s Unique Thank You to Trauma Doc 06/20/2016
Artist Honors Officer Kerrie Orozco
With paint and patience, Freddy Rinicone worked for weeks to create this life-sized tribute to Omaha's most recent fallen officer.
2016 Trauma Symposium Set for June 17th
Learn the latest about trauma care from experts who have lectured and saved lives around the world.
'It’s my way of releasing it all': After tornado killed her daughter, Pilger woman found strength in running
Day after day, Kandi Murphree laces up her running shoes and ventures out into town, memories of her daughter at every street she crosses.
Dr. Juan Asensio Discusses the Importance of a Level I Trauma Center
CUMC Trauma Center Director Juan A. Asensio, MD, FACS, FCCM, FRCS (England), KM as he talks about trauma care on the Morning Blend.
Celebrating Our Level I Trauma Center
Here are some little-known facts about our Level I Trauma Center.
Man Recovering After Being Trapped in Grain Bin for Hours
felt that I have a certain area of expertise in taking care of traumatic injuries. And I have a duty to help my neighbors, take care of my neighbors.
'Cali’s in my heart': Resilient mother puts her life back together after Pilger tornadoes
Kandi Murphree came to CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center with trauma resulting from the 2014 Pilger, Neb. tornadoes
Car Wreck Patient: Broken Bones Were the Least of Her Problems
Later, she would be glad she was wearing a seatbelt. And she would be glad very experienced trauma surgeons were standing ready for her...
Making the Honor Roll While Saving Lives
Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of traumatic injuries – and the third leading cause of death for Americans.
Dr. Wagner Recounts the Day Officer Kerrie Orozco was Brought to CUMC 05/26/2015
Trauma Team – and a Belt – Save Amputee’s Life
A quick-thinking Good Samaritan with a belt applied a makeshift tourniquet and Creighton University Medical Center’s trauma team took over...
Knights Still Exist -- Even When Battles Aren’t Fought with Swords
The order identifies people all over the world who have performed humanitarian service, physicians who have served humanity “above and beyond the call
The Best in Orthopedic Trauma Care – Again
CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center (CUMC) has been granted a two-year recertification for Orthopedic Trauma Disease Specific Care.
When a Tourniquet and a Top Trauma Team Save Lives
Mechanic Hank Hansen was working on a truck trailer when his left arm became caught in the frame. He could see where it was trapped at the elbow.
Omaha EMS to Transport Patients to CUMC’s Level I Trauma Center Again
The state late last week designated CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center an adult comprehensive (Level I) trauma center.
CUMC Regains Level I Trauma Center Designation
Nebraska approved the CUMC’s application to be designated as a comprehensive Level I trauma center.
Woman Who Lost Leg in Car Crash Meets Man Who Saved Her Life
“It’s gonna hurt, but you’re going to be OK. It has to be this way,” Crisman remembers Hubert saying.
Accident Victim Praises Trauma Team
As she lay in her crumpled Toyota Siena van, all Traci Wickham could think about was her kids.