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Knights Still Exist -- Even When Battles Aren’t Fought with Swords
The order identifies people all over the world who have performed humanitarian service, physicians who have served humanity “above and beyond the call
The Best in Orthopedic Trauma Care – Again
CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center (CUMC) has been granted a two-year recertification for Orthopedic Trauma Disease Specific Care.
When a Tourniquet and a Top Trauma Team Save Lives
Mechanic Hank Hansen was working on a truck trailer when his left arm became caught in the frame. He could see where it was trapped at the elbow.
Omaha EMS to Transport Patients to CUMC’s Level I Trauma Center Again
The Omaha Fire Department and other emergency responders across the region are going back to the original odd-even trauma schedule rotation...
CUMC regains trauma center designation
Friday afternoon the state of Nebraska approved the medical center’s application to be designated as a comprehensive trauma center.
CHI Health expecting Creighton to get trauma center status
The team that reviewed Creighton University Medical Center’s trauma program on Wednesday found no deficiencies...
Drunk Driver Plowed into Her at 70 Miles an Hour
Ursula Kalinowski saw the headlights coming at her as the pickup rounded the curve.
Von Maur Patient 7 Years Ago: “Will They Save Me?”
Micky Oldham was in terrible pain. She’d been shot as she worked in customer service at the Von Maur department store.
19-year-old Trauma Patient Never Stops Smiling
“Being sleepy really impairs your judgment. I shook it off and kept going.”
Siri - and Our Trauma Team - to the Rescue
Connor had a seizure and crashed into a deep ravine. Exposure and severe blood loss had dropped his body temperature to a dangerously low 85 degrees.
Nurses Play Cupid - Will You Marry Me?
What do you do when a patient tells you he’s decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend and can’t kneel?
Learning the Hard Way What a Spleen’s For
Kyle King thought he had cracked his ribs but a CT scan showed doctors he had a ruptured spleen and had lost normal function in a kidney.
Football Head Injury Could Have Killed High Schooler
16-year-old Scott didn’t want to let the team down. So he kept playing defense and he kept practicing.
Woman who lost leg in car crash meets man who saved her life
“It’s gonna hurt, but you’re going to be OK. It has to be this way,” Crisman remembers Hubert saying.
Nurses Help Husband and Wife Tell Each Other Goodbye
They were driving out to check on their corn crop -- with no idea their 60-year marriage soon would end.
Dr. Juan Asensio on KETV Chronicle
They're there when you need them the most: trauma workers on duty at all times. Now, there's a new man leading the effort at CHI Health
Learning from those wounded in war
Dr. Juan Asensio presents to CUMC Faculty, Residents, students and staff about advances in management of vascular injuries garnered from battlefield s
CHI Health trauma center saves lives with efficiency (KETV.com)
Wagner said once the patients got to the hospital Thursday each person in the trauma bay took on a specific role while working together as one unit.
Alegent Creighton University Medical Center Recognized for Orthopaedic Trauma
Earning the recognition involved 12 months of work and demonstrates CUMC’s commitment to quality.
New Trauma Medical Director Knows Poverty, Violence Firsthand
He's been called a Medical Maverick and the Crusader.
To treat, but also prevent, violence
New trauma chief thinks youths need to see what bullets can do.
Hollywood Producer Wakes up from Coma in Her Own Cliffhanger
She's put her special touch on high-adrenaline Hollywood films. Now, the accomplished visual effects producer has her own spine-chiller to tell.
Roofer Survives 34 Foot Fall Through Skylight
Kelly Mischanko fell through a skylight onto a concrete floor 34 feet below. He survived.
Fall Prevention: Quick tips to avoid falls
You have less time than it takes the human eye to blink to catch yourself before a fall.
Alegent Creighton Health Continuum of Care Helps Young Dad
As part of the “continuum of care,” Chris went from the trauma bay, to the operating room, to the ICU a hospital bed to rehab.
14-year-old Survives Serious Sledding Accident
Valarie Potter had crashed into a fence while sledding down a hill on New Year's Day. She didn't remember the accident, just the blood...
Tow Truck Driver Remembers Saying 'God, I'm Dead'
Jerry Lustgraaf was just doing what he’d done hundreds of times before. The roads were slick with ice and he was pulling a car out of a ditch.
19-year-old Trauma Patient Never Stops Smiling
Rachael Johnson didn’t remember the trucker, Steven, stopping. The Good Samaritan spotted her from his perch in the cab of his truck...
The Shower that Almost Killed Him
Falls are #1 Reason for Trauma Admissions. When Daniel Peterson lost his balance in the shower, it almost killed him.
Motorcyclist in Near-Fatal Accident: “This can’t be happening!”
Alan Badger was riding his motorcycle with a group of friends, heading to Beebetown. His bike slipped on some loose gravel as he made a left-hand turn
No Laughing Matter: That cow can hurt you
Being attacked by a cow is out-of-the-ordinary, but can be life-threatening.
Minutes Count: Alegent Creighton Health's CUMC Level One Trauma Center
As one of the only two designated comprehensive trauma centers in Nebraska, CUMC's Trauma Center is in a constant state of readiness
CHI: Partners in Saving Lives
Sue witnessed firsthand how closely the Alegent Creighton Health CUMC trauma team works with the Saint Elizabeth Regional Burn and Wound Center
Stroke Victim Finds Motivation at Immanuel Rehabilitation Center
Kari Cleveland spent a month at the Immanuel Rehabilitation Center after suffering a stroke following a car crash.
Miracle Moments in the Trauma Bay
Police Officer Paul Latschar was sent to the CUMC Level I Trauma Center after being shot three times.
Trauma Staff Helps Cerebral Palsy Patient Hit by Car
When her brother told the visitors in her hospital room, “I have bad news. Helen will never walk again,” Helen Grabowski laughed out loud.
Mercy Hospital Handles its Share of Trauma
Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs is Level III Trauma Center that serves southwest Iowa
Accident Victim Praises Trauma Team
As she lay in her crumpled Toyota Siena van, all Traci Wickham could think about was her kids.
Alegent Creighton Health CUMC Recognized for Orthopedic Trauma
This formal designation confirms the work - and measuring - we have been doing to provide the best care for our patients we can
911 Director Surprised to Find Himself Calling 911
Larry was the last person to think he would be would be calling 911.
I Could Have Been This Close to Goodbye
Alex Deegan says he knew better than to let his guard down. He also knew not to ride his four-wheeler without a helmet.
I Don't Ask, 'Why Me?'
Life Net rushed Billy Moyle from the accident scene outside of Nebraska City to Creighton University Medical Center. The trauma team was activated...
Giving Thanks that Katelynn is Home -- and Texting!
Katelynn Malone,13, was sprawled on her side about six feet from the motorcycle. She'd been a passenger on the bike—and was not wearing a helmet...
Man Makes Miraculous Recovery After Head Injury
Immanuel Rehabilitation Center helped Dan Baker recover from from his head trauma. The Blair man was beaten and left for dead, but now he's back...
How to Help Teens Cope with Trauma: A video Q&A 01/06/2011