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Men’s Top 5 Health Concerns
Men need to change their mindset and remember that regular checkups are not about fixing a problem, but, rather, about maintaining good health.
Three CHI Health Hospitals Receive Achievement Awards for Stroke Care
he American Heart Association Award recognizes CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center, CHI Health St. Elizabeth and CHI Health Good Samaritan.
Is Latest Diet Craze Right for You?
Your best friend’s lost 20 pounds on a new diet and you’re miserable just looking at your bathing suit.
New Therapy Removes Skin Cancer Without Surgery
Nine months ago, Maggie was reading the Lincoln Journal Star article about a non-surgical skin cancer treatment called High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy
Telemedicine is Transforming Health Care as We Know It
Through collaboration and technology, specialized health care is becoming available and convenient regardless of where a person lives in Nebraska.
Husband – Wife Team Fights Sexual Assault Violence
Tracy Marcotte may only be called in about four times for a 12-hour shift – not all 14 – but she can’t stand to see a single shift not taken, a single
CHI Health St. Elizabeth One of 30 U.S. Sites Participating in DVT Stent Clinical Trial
For four years, Jordy Buresh has suffered from a syndrome that makes it difficult for her blood to flow. She's had Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)...
Nebraska Heart Institute Trains Firefighters on Mechanical Hearts
We want to make sure whoever is transporting that patient or responding to their 911 call has had some training and had some contact with the...
CHI Health St. Elizabeth hosts Colon Cancer Awareness Event
While we hear about this disease often, many of us may not know much about the symptoms or the risks.
CHI Health St. Elizabeth Earns STAR Program® Certification
CHI Health St. Elizabeth announced today that it has earned its STAR Program® Certification from the Massachusetts-based Oncology Rehab Partners...
One-step Reconstruction Surgery Promotes Faster Return to Normal Life
Traditionally, staged reconstructions would take several months or up to a year to finish, and now we're able to do it during the same anesthetic.
CHI Health Joins Telemedicine Market
Telehealth keeps patients off highway by putting them on screen.
Federal Grant Will Support Expansion of Innovative New Care Model
The Virtually Integrated Care Team model is designed to increase individualized patient care and improve quality and outcomes by pairing video...
One of the Many Ways We Listen to Patients
Catholic Health Initiatives believes in listening to the patient. We want to hear the good and the bad. We want to take action to make sure the...
Relief for People With Foot Pain: Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis
Dr. Rahul Razdan at CHI Health St. Elizabeth has done extensive research on the disorder. He says it accounts for one million office visits every year
CHI Health St. Elizabeth Celebrates Second Anniversary of Mother’s Milk Depot
We are excited to be able to offer this service to the community and the generosity of nursing mothers in our area has far exceeded our expectations
Highlights at CHI Health St. Elizabeth
With over 125 years of service to the Lincoln community, St. Elizabeth has a long history of accomplishments.
St. Elizabeth Burn Camp Helps Young Burn Survivors Continue to Heal
St. Elizabeth Burn and Wound Center Burn Camp gives young burn survivors a safe environment to where they can share their fears and concerns.
New Non-Invasive Form of Skin Cancer Treatment
Brachytherapy is a new non-invasive type of treatment which places radiation directly on the skin to treat cancer. There's no cutting involved.
CHI Health St. Elizabeth and Nebraska Heart Named Best in Nation for Care
CHI Health St. Elizabeth and Nebraska Heart Earn Top Healthgrades Honors and More
Chaplains Heal The Ills That Medicine Cannot Touch
Nosheen Rafique drapes a crocheted blue-and-yellow prayer shawl over Linda Nicholson’s frail form
Babies Came Early — She Stayed Late
Much has changed since Susan Walsh's first day as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit at what was then Saint Elizabeth Community Health Center