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'It’s my way of releasing it all': After tornado killed her daughter, Pilger woman found strength in running 05/03/2016
Water Skiing For Disabled: Like There Is Nothing That Can Stop You
With the courage to take on a sport they might otherwise not get the chance to try, a special group took part in the annual Adaptive Water Skiing Clin
Up to the Challenge at Hand 08/17/2015
Camp Launches Wheelchair Racer
The Shelby native, once again attending the annual Junior Wheelchair Sports and Recreation Camp at Iowa School for the Deaf this week for the fourth t
Council Bluffs camp for youths in wheelchairs offers chance to get in the game
“I just wanted to be with other people like me,” Angel Tanderup said. Tanderup has made several friends in her two years at the camp, and many other..
For Kids in Wheelchairs, a Summer Camp that Showcases Possibilities
A summer camp in Council Bluffs is connecting with kids in wheelchairs, and showing them anything is possible.
'Cali’s in my heart': Resilient mother puts her life back together after Pilger tornadoes
Kandi Murphree came to CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center with trauma resulting from the 2014 Pilger, Neb. tornadoes
Paralyzed Police Officer Still on Bike 19 Years Later
Almost 19 years ago, an Omaha police officer was critically injured when a teen in a stolen car smashed into his cruiser.
Advice from a Stroke Patient: Get Past the Denial! 06/18/2015
A Challenging First Bicycle Ride, at Age 54
I went for a bike ride earlier this month. All it took was 54 years to get that accomplished.
Unborn Granddaughter was Stroke Patient’s Inspiration
His granddaughter was due in two months. So Alfred Wise knew he had to fight hard. The 67-year-old became dizzy. “I didn’t feel very good,”...
Determined to walk again
It's the toughest thing they've been forced to go through: physical therapy patients have to re-learn how to walk.
'Paralyzed bride,' therapists watch her segment on Dr. Oz
Gina watched herself on national TV surrounded by some of her care team and other patients.
Paralyzed Bride Walks Down the Aisle: Gina’s Story 11/06/2014
Doctor Almost Misses her own Wedding Reception
She was supposed to leave in 15 minutes to go to her wedding reception. Instead Amanda Keel, M.D., showed up two-and-a-half hours late.
Football Head Injury Could Have Killed High Schooler
16-year-old Scott didn’t want to let the team down. So he kept playing defense and he kept practicing.
Millions share paralyzed bride’s story
Gina Giaffliogne surprised most of her guests at the wedding by walking on her father’s arm
Therapist born with one hand inspires ‘can-do’ attitude in injured patients
Jena Munson remembers feeling frustrated with her so-called disability only one time in her life.
Paralyzed bride walks down the aisle
Gina had a broken back and is now paralyzed from the waist down. She stunned family and friends by walking down the aisle to meet her groom.
Patient Survives Stroke, Burglars and More
Kate Sieburg was babysitting her three-year-old grandson when she started feeling weak. “I was pretty sure I was having a stroke.
Hollywood Producer Wakes up from Coma in Her Own Cliffhanger
She's put her special touch on high-adrenaline Hollywood films. Now, the accomplished visual effects producer has her own spine-chiller to tell.
Maybe You’ve Never Heard of It, but Aphasia can be Debilitating
It was a word Elle Roggasch hadn’t heard before. But after her three strokes, she became all too familiar with it.
Brain Injury Patient Wants to Help Others Like Immanuel Rehab Team Helped Her
Heidi Schmidt started losing her hearing several months earlier. She had acoustic neuroma, a noncancerous tumor...
Therapy Dogs Comfort Patients, Help Them Heal
It’s National Pet Week and across the country, people are celebrating the more than 200 million pets that enrich our lives.
Fall Prevention: Quick tips to avoid falls
You have less time than it takes the human eye to blink to catch yourself before a fall.
Alegent Creighton Health Continuum of Care Helps Young Dad
As part of the “continuum of care,” Chris went from the trauma bay, to the operating room, to the ICU a hospital bed to rehab.
14-year-old Survives Serious Sledding Accident
Valarie Potter had crashed into a fence while sledding down a hill on New Year's Day. She didn't remember the accident, just the blood...
Paralyzed Man Walks Again
An injury left Ed paralyzed but not powerless.
Tow Truck Driver Remembers Saying 'God, I'm Dead'
Jerry Lustgraaf was just doing what he’d done hundreds of times before. The roads were slick with ice and he was pulling a car out of a ditch.
No Laughing Matter: That cow can hurt you
Being attacked by a cow is out-of-the-ordinary, but can be life-threatening.
iPad used in rehab 11/27/2012
Dozens in wheelchairs learning new sports
These kids are just like you and I. Their difference is their mobility.
Paralympic athlete an alumnus of camp
A Paralympic athlete who grew up in Council Bluffs will soon perform on the world stage in London. He got his start at a local sports camp for the d
Back in the Saddle After a Stroke
After suffering a stroke, a team of highly skilled physical and occupational therapists at the Immanuel Rehab Center - have him back on his feet.
No 'weepy sympathy' for Easy Rider
Comeback from stroke teaches BRAN bicyclist to look to today.
Wii new hospital rehab tool 08/22/2011
Wheelchair Athletes Push their Limits
With wide smiles and focused stares, a handful of kids sped across the gymnasium floor, determined to up the score.
Logan View student enjoys chance to compete in sports camp 08/14/2010
Youths from Three States Benefit from Wheelchair Camp
A total of 50 campers were introduced to a wide variety of sports activities meant to help improve their strength, endurance and confidence.
Impossible Made Possible: Clinic Helps People Water Ski 06/27/2010
WOWT HealthCheck - Recovering From A Stroke 05/07/2010
Crank Up Exercise Routine Slowly 04/30/2010
Immanuel Rehabilitation: New building, same healing spirit 04/12/2010
Sitting volleyball far from easy 02/28/2010
Kids Excel at Camp Without Limits
Hockey is just one of many sports children play at Junior Wheelchair Sports and Recreation Camp. Children and teenagers also participate in archery, v
'Wheelin good time 08/02/2007