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A Heart Condition Many of Us Don't Even Know We Have
One in four may need treatment for a patent foramen ovale (PFO).
Shocked 17 Times, Patient Thankful to be Alive
Steve Royer boarded and airplane and passed out, needing to be shocked 17 times to be revived.
CHI Health Bergan Mercy Among Lowest for Heart Attack Deaths
Bergan Mercy among the top hospitals for heart-attack patients
Dr. Balters Receives Prestigious Award
Dr. Balters Receives The Leonard Tow Humanism Award, which is is presented to outstanding faculty members at medical schools across the country.
Without 100-pound weight loss, Omaha man certain heart attack would have killed him. Now he's stronger than ever.
Michael Leahy had a heart attack — after he had lost nearly 100 pounds through diet and exercise. “I couldn’t believe it. I was mad.
It's National Walking Day
here are some thoughts to get you motivated on National Walking Day...
Dr. Marcus Balters Explains on the Morning Blend that Carotid Stenosis is Correctible
Carotid Stenosis or Carotid Artery Disease is preventable and treatable.
Powers Revived Four Times
“I actually believe I hadn’t lost any of my cognitive ability – and I completely credit that to the door-to-balloon time and quick-chill process I had
'Sisters of the Heart’ Believe in Miracles
Both collapsed in separate places at different times when their hearts stopped beating. Both had no reason to suspect heart problems.
Wearable Technology Saved this Patient's Life
Bypass surgery saved his life but if it hadn’t been for a high-tech vest, he wouldn’t have survived sudden cardiac arrest
Heart Program is One of Three Selected by Stanford for Study
Great outcomes and lower costs brought some special visitors to CHI Health Bergan Mercy recently--the Stanford University School of Medicine and...
Mercy Hospital Performing Safer, Gentler Heart Catheterization
CHI Health Mercy Hospital offers a heart catheterization doctors say is safer, faster and less painful than the traditional method.
12 Fast Facts About Your Heart
It beats about 2.5 billion times during your lifetime but many of us take our hearts for granted.
Must-Know Facts for Women about the Heart
Though death rates are down, there are signs heart disease actually is increasing among young women. Doctors may not warn younger women as...
For Heart Patients and Cardiologists, New Hope for Scouring Blocked Arteries
new tools and techniques are helping cardiologists burrow with stiff wires deployed by thin catheters through the hard plaque and calcium that have...
Leading in Heart Care with New Procedures, New Devices
Drs. Agarwal, Bajwa and Martin are 3 of the few physicians in the state of Nebraska trained to use the SYNERGY stent and to be trained performing...
Learn from Him: Not Calling 911 is a Bad Idea
It’s a huge mistake for anyone with chest pain to drive themselves to the emergency department.
Is Your Heart Older than You Are?
A new report from the CDC found in the U.S., men’s hearts are 7.8 years older than their chronological age and women’s 5.4 years older.
5 Clogged Arteries and Still Alive: ACE Accreditation at Five Metro Hospitals Means More Birthdays and Scrabble Games for Patients
The cardiac team at CHI Health Bergan Mercy didn’t shy away from Elizabeth’s case. They specialize in high-risk heart cases and are one of 5 CHI Healt
CHI Health St. Elizabeth and Nebraska Heart Named Best in Nation for Care
CHI Health St. Elizabeth and Nebraska Heart Earn Top Healthgrades Honors and More
Wouldn’t be the Heart Walk Without Him!
George Good can tell you a thing or two about cardiac rehab. He’s gone to more than 1000 sessions and considers the staff at CUMC family.
National Walking Day - Morning Blend
The American Heart Association and CHI Health are teaming up to help raise awareness for heart health.
Stepping Up On National Walking Day
The American Heart Association and CHI Health are teaming up on Wednesday to push all of us to walk for at least a half hour a day.
New Hope for Patients with Severely Clogged Arteries
Stress a Culprit in Young Mom’s Close Call?
Amy Nelson was heading out the door to pick up her husband from the airport. She ended up in the cardiac catheterization lab instead.
New Life-saving Device in his Chest Shocks Him Back to Life
Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist Hussam Abuissa, MD, told Frazier about a new and innovative ICD that does not require direct implantation
AHA project to help Iowa heart treatment
The American Heart Association, Midwest Affiliate, is launching a project aimed at improving care for heart attack victims in rural Iowa
Female high school students explore careers in science at CHI Health St. Elizabeth
As young women across Nebraska prepare for their futures after high school, CHI Health St. Elizabeth is investing in its future, as well
Important Lessons Learned from a Heart Attack
Rex Gunkel doesn’t remember collapsing about a mile into the Corporate Cup. In fact, he doesn’t remember much about the entire week before...
‘Lucky Larry’ Grateful for Innovative Radial Heart Procedure
The first time, Larry Michnick went to his dentist for jaw pain. His dentist sent him to a specialist, who removed two teeth.
The Difference Between Life and Death Can be Minutes
CHI Health is working to make sure people understand the importance of knowing heart attack symptoms as well as the need to call 9-1-1 right away.
24 Ways to be Heart-Smart
Here’s some important new research from the American Heart Association, combined with tips to keep you heart-healthy
Substitute These for Cooking that’s Heart-healthy
You can be good to your heart and your body without giving up convenience and variety
Keeping Those Hearts Ticking During Heart Month
Dr. Scott Carollo, a cardiologist with CHI Health says there are some simple ways to lower your risk.
Among his Blessings – His Cardiologist, New Lifesaving Procedure
The LARIAT procedure is used primarily for patients with atrial fibrillation who are unable to take blood thinning medications
Silent Heart Attack Turns into One of Fastest Rescues Yet
When Ken Boysen headed home after his workout at the gym, he had no idea he was about to set a record in the cath lab.
Still Reliving Latest Husker Loss? Do Your Heart a Favor and Let It Go
Remember – it’s a sport – it’s meant for enjoyment. And be a good sport, which means behave in a good way, even in defeat.” - See more at: http://www.
Omaha mall walker keeps piling on the miles 11/21/2014
Heart procedure new to Nebraska shows promise in aiding blood flow (Omaha.com)
Open-heart surgery wasn’t an option for Kathleen Kolterman, whose faulty heart valve was allowing her blood to flow backward into her heart and lungs.
New Option for Patients Facing Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Dr. Couchonnal is the only physician in Omaha performing this life-saving procedure.
Heart Patient: “I tried to do too much ”
Trisha Newell figured if she called 9-1-1 she'd be fine by the time the ambulance arrived. So she didn't call. She waited instead.
Heart Attack at Age 41
Doug Schroder ignored the warning signs.
Taking Warning Signs to Heart
After a major health scare, Doug Wilcox is learning to live heart smart.
Reina's Silent Heart Attack
Heart attack symptoms can be different for women including such as dizziness, nausea, neck and jaw pain, shortness of breath and extreme fatigue.
Young mom suffers heart attack
Young mother suffers a heart attack just days after giving birth.
Alegent Creighton Health aces cardio accreditation (NonParielOnline.com)
Alegent Creighton Health is the only health system in the world to be accredited for chest pain and heart failure and certified in atrial fibrillation
In first ever, hospitals accredited in 3 heart areas (Omaha.com)
Alegent Creighton Health is the only health system in the world to be accredited for chest pain and heart failure and certified in atrial fibrillation
Alegent Creighton Health Makes History (KETV.com)
Alegent Creighton Health is the only health system in the world to be accredited for chest pain and heart failure and certified in atrial fibrillation