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Being Ticked Off or Depressed Won’t Make it Go Away
To me breast cancer was like a bad toothache. You have a root canal for the tooth. I had treatment for cancer. Then you move on.
Cancer Survivor Learned She’s “Not Alone”
June 1st is National Cancer Survivors Day
A Day in the Life of a Cancer Nurse Navigator
Nurse navigators are a single point of contact for their patients every step of the way.
Three-time Breast Cancer Survivor
Vira Brooks had three sons in high school. And she had newly-diagnosed breast cancer.
Support Group Helps Brain Tumor Patient, Husband
Research shows a link between group support and greater tolerance of cancer treatment and ability to follow treatment plans.
Surviving Three Strokes, One Heart Attack & Cancer
It's safe to say Roger Alger has been through a lot in the past few years.
Cancer Social Worker and Team Make Sure Patient Gets Help She Needs
At Alegent Creighton Health, we go far beyond just treating the physical aspects of cancer.
Clinical Trials: Helping Future Cancer Patients Today
Alegent Creighton Health offers more clinical trials to more patients than any other health system in the area.
3-D Mammogram Catches Breast Cancer Early
“The cancer wouldn’t have shown up on the 2-D mammogram.”
Genetic Testing Helps Mother Deal with Possibility of Breast Cancer
Genetic testing is designed to find individuals who have hereditary cancer, which occurs when an altered gene is passed down in the family from parent
Support Team Helps Single Mom Face Breast Cancer
Leila had her two young children to worry about when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.
Raising Sarcoma Awareness
Inspired by a friend who died from sarcoma, one man decided to run across America to raise awareness.
Teamwork Furthers Ground-breaking Cancer Research
Imagine a library where researchers could “check out” blood and tissue samples to learn how to better prevent, diagnose and treat disease.
Genetic Test for Cancer
If you had a gene that increased your risk of getting an aggressive cancer, would you want to know? Genetic testing now makes that possible.
Salon for Cancer Patients
The Image Recovery Center helps cancer patients going through the changes that come with cancer treatment.
Cancer Treatment is Life-saver for Many Without Hope
Interleukin-2 is an FDA-approved immunotherapy that boosts the body's natural immune defenses against cancer.
Lung Cancer Caught in Nick of Time
At the Lung Health Center patients can expect a confirmed diagnosis within 48 hours and the start of treatment soon after that.
Support Team Helps Fight Cancer
When Yvonne was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she wouldn't be fighting it alone.
Mammogram Party Leaves Patient Feeling Very “Lucky”
Terri was the last one scheduled for the exam. And she couldn't be more thankful today that she showed up.
New Screening for Millions of Acid Reflux Sufferers Could Save Lives
Esophageal cancer is fastest growing type of cancer in the United States. It's also one of the most deadly—and misunderstood.
Primary Care Physicians Trained to Detect Cancer
Each time you step foot into an Alegent Creighton Clinic - your doctor is helping you prevent cancer.
Financial Assistance Allows Cancer Patients to Focus on Getting Better
Charles was diagnosed with colon cancer. Complicating matters—he was uninsured.
Beating Breast Cancer
Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40, Susan McArdle fought back .. and won.
Catching Lung Cancer Early
The Lung Health Center puts everything you need under one roof - a multidisciplinary approach to early detection and management of lung cancer.
3-D Mammography patient thankful for new technology
Sandra Sojka hates to think what would have happened if doctors hadn't urged her to have a follow up mammogram.