His Life Changed in A Split Second, And Now a Painful Fight to Regain Use of His Hand After Fireworks Accident

Article Date: Jun 24, 2016

Nagi T. Ayoub, M.D.Nagi T. Ayoub, M.D.


Dr. Nagi Ayoub, a plastic surgeon who works with our trauma team was able to save a patient’s mangled hand after a shell exploded in his hand. The alternative was amputation.

By Rick Ruggles / World-Herald staff writer

HOLLAND, Neb. — Chris Wathor sold fireworks and shot them off for years, but a blast in April mangled his hand. Now he struggles to use a screwdriver or open a peanut-butter jar.

Wathor, 36, hopes to regain function in his right hand. As a construction worker, his ability to grip tools is essential to his role as family breadwinner.

Two-and-a-half months after the accident, a surgeon has saved his hand and the thumb that almost was torn off. But he still has a long way to go, including more surgeries and more physical therapy.

The accident has given Wathor (pronounced WAY-thur) new respect for the unpredictable nature of fireworks. He thought he had mastered them. In a split second of noise, color and pain, he knew that he hadn’t.

Read the rest of the story at Omaha.com.

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