Trauma Symposium Brings Together Doctors, Survivors

Article Date: Jun 25, 2015

Anitria Washington, trauma survivor and her mother.

Dozens of medical professionals were downtown on Friday to continue their education on trauma care provided by Creighton University Medical Center.

Survivors of life-threatening situations also attended the Trauma Symposium at the downtown Hilton, where they were recognized.

Anitria Washington was one of those attendees, She was in a car accident so intense, she told WOWT 6 News she doesn't even remember it.

"We were told our daughter was in an accident and that she was at CHI Creighton and when we arrived we were met by a Sheriff and a Chaplin. When my wife saw them, she just dropped and I picked her up," said Anitria's father, Pastor Gregory Ashley, "I said, 'honey, it's not over. God has got her you know.'" The family relied on their faith, and also leaned heavily on the doctors at Creighton University Medical Center.

"The doctors were amazing. Dr. Wagner was the attending surgeon and he did an amazing job. The staff and the ICU were amazing," said Ashley.

Tyrus Harris, trauma survivor and his mother, Melodie.

Gunshot wounds forced Tyrus Harris to visit the trauma center. For Harris, the shooting was a life-changing event.

"I just reflect back on what's really important and the real meaning of just being alive and being with my family. Basically, I reflect back and think what if it could have been worse," Harris said. His mother Melodie told WOWT that she was nervous and scared but doctors kept her from worrying. Things worked out because of people attending the symposium. The doctors and surgeons are often praised for their work but they will tell you all of their success is a team effort.

"Its very heartwarming and it's one of those things. This is why we do what we do. You can help people get back to this but it's often a very long road and it's not something I can do by myself," said Dr. Mike Wagner with Creighton.

Professionals told us they learn from each other's experiences while at the symposium and those experiences and success stories keep them moving forward.

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