The one thing you should know about the flu is ...

Article Date: Oct 22, 2012

Michael Grace, M.D.... YOU have the power to prevent it.

According to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the single best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu vaccine each season.

"Flu symptoms are like a 'cold on steroids,'" explains Michael Grace, M.D., a family physician with Alegent Creighton Clinic in Florence. "I have seen young, otherwise healthy, folks come into the clinic with the flu feeling terrible and looking worse."

While most people will only have to suffer through a few days with these symptoms, Dr. Grace warns that some groups, such as young children, pregnant women, or the elderly, are at risk for life-threatening complications. "Getting the shot protects not only you, but helps stop the spread to folks less able to tolerate an infection with the flu."

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Most people have two options for the vaccine: the flu shot and the flu mist. Anyone six months of age or older can get the flu shot. However, you can avoid the shot and opt for the flu mist – if you are between the ages of two and 49, are not pregnant, and do not have certain chronic conditions, such as diabetes or lung disease.

Beyond getting vaccinated, Dr. Grace recommends four additional steps to help stop the spread of the flu:

  • If diagnosed with flu:
    • stay home from work and avoid crowded places.
    • protect others by wearing a face mask.
  • If not sick with flu:
    • continue good hand washing practices.
    • avoid close contact with those who are infected.

Reader Comments
Posted: Oct 25 2012 4:46 PM CST by Georgia

What is you practice good hand washing techniques and still opt out to getting the flu shot? I do work in a healthcare facility, but I am not comfortable getting the flu shot. May you please give me some words of encouragement?

Posted: Oct 26 2012 11:29 AM CST by Rebecca

I also do not get the flu shot. The statistics out there regarding death rates from the flu are terribly inaccurate, especially regarding pregnant women. For myself, I do not believe that the risk of getting the flu outweighs the risk of getting the injection. I think alternative and complementary medicine works wonders. Have you tried chiropractic care, eating whole and raw foods, or herbal supplements such as rosehips tea? All of these things can keep you healthy and reduce the chance of getting the flu without any questionable drugs or biochemical substances entering your body. Of course if you do want to take herbal supplements I highly recommend talking to a person experienced with them. Unfortunately you probably will not find someone such as this at any medical facility.

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