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Alegent Health Clinic Widens Reach to Families

Article Date: Jul 19, 2011

Manju Hapke, M.D. Joedy Istas, M.D. Dawn Malene, M.D. Steven Osborn, M.D.

If you're looking for a family physician in the Millard area, you're in luck. Alegent Health Clinic has opened a new location at 153rd and Q streets with physicians eager to partner in the healthcare needs of the whole family, from the youngest to the eldest.

"I'm very excited about this new opportunity for the families I take care of," said Steven Osborn, M.D. "Our new Millard clinic is not far from Lakeside Hospital and will give our patients great access to a first-rate healthcare system close to home."

Dr. Osborn, Manju Hapke, M.D., Joedy Istas, M.D., Dawn Malene, M.D., all board-certified family practice physicians with 20-plus years of experience, recently left Methodist Health System to join Alegent Health Clinic. A fifth physician, Carlos Prendes Jr., M.D., will join the practice on Sept. 1, 2011. It's a return home to Omaha for Dr. Prendes, a Creighton University Medical School graduate who is currently practicing in Colorado.

Alegent Health Clinic, a multi-specialty clinic network, has an eye to the future as it plans on how best to serve growing families.

"Alegent Health Clinic is being very strategic," said Richard Hachten, president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alegent Health. "Clinic leaders are making community growth projections to determine where we need to be to meet the needs of patients now and 10 years from now."

Not only has Alegent Health Clinic learned that Millard needed more family physicians, but there are plans to add specialty care services in the near future, as well. Nevertheless, the role of the family physician remains center stage.

"We provide very proactive care for our patients," said Michelle Benes, M.D., medical director of Alegent Health Clinic Primary Care. "We can better care for families by developing contacts and networks with physicians in other specialties. This can keep increasing the quality and effectiveness of care."

Healthcare reform will shift the bulk of patient care from hospitals to the outpatient, or clinic setting in the future, and Alegent Health Clinic will be ready, according to Rick Rolston, M.D., president and CEO of Alegent Health Clinic.

"Patients are what it's all about," said Dr. Rolston. "We are growing to ensure that our community has access to the best doctors to partner with, and to take care of them, throughout their lives.

"That is the joy of being a doctor," he added.

To make an appointment at the new clinic in Millard, please call 402-717-9100.

Reader Comments
Posted: Aug 19 2011 11:54 AM CST by Matt McCahill

Just to get a small point clarified...
I went to medical school at the University of Kansas. I did my residency with Creighton University Dept. of Family Medicine, and then worked with them for seven years after that. Looking forward to joining the practice in a couple weeks.
Carlos Prendes MD

Posted: Sep 24 2011 8:39 PM CST by Matt McCahill

I am so thrilled so hear Dr. Prendes will be back in Omaha! I was a patient of his out of his Creighton office in Bellevue NE for at least 7 years and he was THE BEST DOCTOR I have ever had!

Posted: Dec 7 2011 8:23 AM CST by Matt McCahill

Does Dr. Carlos Prendes speak Spanish?

Posted: Dec 8 2011 8:54 AM CST by Matt McCahill


Dr. Prendes does not speak Spanish. Below is a list of family practice physicians in the Omaha area who do speak Spanish:

Mel Roca M.D.

Margarita Rodriguez-Escobar M.D.

Hope this helps,

Josh Di Lorenzo
Web Marketing Strategist
Alegent Health

Posted: Apr 25 2012 3:22 PM CST by Matt McCahill

Does Dr Malene have privileges at Methodist? I really would like to stay with Methodist

Posted: Apr 26 2012 10:01 AM CST by Matt McCahill

Thanks for asking. I encourage you to come in and visit Dr. Malene at Alegent Health Clinic and discuss your preference with her, she's a wonderful physician and always wants to do what is best for her patient.

Because she is now affiliated with Alegent Health she does admit to our hospitals and uses a hospitalist but as I said above, she's open to discussing your preference.

If you have anymore questions please let us know!

Megan O'Dea
Marketing Strategist
Alegent Health

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