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Getting Through to Teens

Article Date: Apr 13, 2011

Teenage girls have a lot of questions about their bodies and the changes they're going through, but they aren't always comfortable asking grown-ups. So Marian High School called in the expert: Dr. Patricia Murdock-Langan. She's a family practice physician with Alegent Health Clinic – she's also a mom who understands teenage girls.

"That whole pelvic thing takes one to two minutes," she explains to a class full of Marian students. "The first time is overwhelming because you don't know what to expect. Most girls who do a pelvic say, ‘that was it?'"

Dr. Langan knows how stressful an annual exam can be – especially for a first-timer. Her goal is to separate fact from fiction and give young women something to work with.

"The more we educate, the more we empower," she says. "It's not about sex. It's about female health and what you can do to impact health."

The subject matter is sometimes a little uncomfortable and often brings out a few giggles. But the girls will tell you they like getting answers from someone in the know. They like how open Dr. Langan is to answering their questions and the way she made them feel comfortable about the unexpected.

Marian High School taps guest speakers like Dr. Langan because reading a text book is one thing – getting to interact with an expert often makes a bigger impression on the students.

"It makes it more credible," says Ronda Motykowski, Marian's Dean of Discipline. "If they hear it from us, they think, ‘oh you are just telling us that.' Someone as dynamic as Dr. Langan just makes it more real."

Click here or call 1-800-ALEGENT to find a physician who can talk to your teen about their changing health needs.

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