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Mercy Operating Rooms: On the Cutting Edge

Article Date: Aug 15, 2010

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The thought of surgery scares most people – but not Rebecca Adams. She’s in for a laparoscopically-assisted vaginal hysterectomy – and she knows Alegent Health Mercy Hospital is the place to have this procedure done.

“It’s faster recovery time so I’m good to go for that,” says Rebecca. “They’re patient with you and explain stuff to you. They’re real friendly and open to questions. If they have to explain it ten times, they will.”

But the people are only part of the equation. What Rebecca doesn’t see is just as important. Behind these walls is state-of-the-art technology in every operating room. Mercy recently expanded its surgical suites. The difference today versus 20 years ago? Lots and lots of space and lots of new technology – all of the latest right at the fingertips of Mercy’s experienced staff.

Mercy Hospital also added high definition equipment and outfitted each surgical suite with a system called Control OR. It helps staff access any of the patient’s information at any time. The medical team can see a patient’s history – everything that’s in the file from x-rays to medications – right when they need it. Dr. Jorge Garcia-Padial says the technology helps streamline surgery and cut down on mistakes.

“You can not memorize every chart,” explains Dr. Garcia. “You can know your patient well, but sometimes you may forget. Now you can access allergy, past surgery, family history – access it all immediately.”

One way to guarantee the surgical team is on the same page is a safety checklist – put up on the big screen before each surgery. Mercy’s director of surgical services, Lynn Crowley, says it’s one way the hospital is leading the way in patient care.

“It allows communication to be better,” says Lynn. “Communication is critical to having a safe patient outcome. We’re proud of that. We’re proud of our good results and high quality. This is another piece that brings patients in the hospital and has the patients leave as they intended to leave.”

Alegent Health Mercy Hospital is leading the way in patient care. Patients, like Rebecca Adams, see it. It’s a source of pride for all who work here.

“Even though we are a small community hospital serving a small community of 60,000, we have always been state-of-the-art,” says Dr. Garcia. “Mercy Hospital is very committed to the health care of the Council Bluffs community.”

If you would like more information on Mercy Hospital or to find a physician who is right for you call 1-800-alegent or go to

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