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Article Date: Apr 16, 2009

One in 100 women of child-bearing age has Diabetes. For her, a pregnancy becomes a high risk affair. Without proper care there are real dangers for mom and baby. In April's Health Check report, we look at reducing risks.

Amy Sears still has weeks to go before she meets her son, but as a Diabetic she's already made a lot of changes.

Amy Sears said "It was a lot of extra checking this and checking that. Making sure not only was I the healthiest I could be but I was doing everything I could for my unborn child."

Doctor Marium Ilahi knows that's the best course of action. The Endocrinologist with Alegent Health says expectant moms with Diabetes need completely normal blood sugars. To achieve that, they must see a doctor once a month, send in blood sugars weekly, and check levels twice as often as they used to. It's part of an effort to prevent a high risk pregnancy from becoming a dangerous one.

Doctor Marium Ilahi said "Uncontrolled blood sugars before conception and in the first trimester can lead to a five to ten percent increase in fetal abnormalities and a 15 to 20 percent increase in miscarriage. Uncontrolled blood sugars in the second and third trimesters can lead to an excessively large baby which can lead to problems for mom and child."

The experience has put pregnancy into perspective for Amy Sears. While registering for baby items may be fun, her real job is to count carbs, get insulin injections, and test blood sugars. Sears compares a Diabetic pregnancy to a marathon, and the finish line is in sight.

Amy Sears said "Even though you have to give a little blood, sweat, and tears along the way focus on the goal and it makes everything worth it."

Rebroadcast with permission of WOWT.

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