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Alegent Health Clinic Continues to Monitor H1N1 Flu  07/15/2009 
Alegent Health Adds New Services and Procedures to My Cost  07/13/2009 
Mom Gives Birth While Marine Dad Encourages Her From Iraq  07/07/2009 
Alegent Health Influences National Health Reform Debate   06/12/2009 
Alegent Health Hosts National Discussion on Health Reform  06/11/2009 
World Health Organization Declares Flu Pandemic
Alegent Health Physician Offers Advice
Alegent Health Clinic Welcomes Husband & Wife Surgeon Team  05/21/2009 
Alegent Health Clinic Moves to a New Home at Midlands Hospital  05/07/2009 
Concern Grows over Swine Flu  04/27/2009 
The Life and Death Reality of the Uninsured  04/08/2009 
Small electric shocks make giant changes in MS patient's life  03/31/2009 
Alegent Health Clinic Expands in Northwest Omaha with Four New Physicians  03/24/2009 
Alegent Health Welcomes Physician Certified in Menopause Care  03/20/2009 
Join the Conversation: How You Can Change the Future of Healthcare  03/03/2009 
Alegent Health Clinic Glenwood Moves Offices to Better Serve Community  02/05/2009 
Rehabilitation Program Offers Safety Assessment for Elderly Drivers  01/30/2009 
It’s Your Healthcare - Take Control!  01/27/2009 
Troubled Economy Prompts Difficult Decisions at Alegent Health  01/20/2009 
Data Center Under Construction at Midlands Hospital  01/13/2009 
Consolidated Heart Surgery Program Opens at Alegent Health  01/05/2009