At-Home Options

HMR at Home® Weight-Loss Programs

If it's inconvenient to go to the clinic, the HMR at Home Program allows you to lose weight on your own using HMR®'s state-of-the-art approach. A simple call to our center and your order will be on its way to your home quickly.

Alegent Health Weight Management offers two weight-loss programs that include the same low-calorie diet products and principles that have helped HMR® clinic patients achieve and maintain healthy weight loss.

HMR Quick Start Diet Kit
A comprehensive diet program that includes specially formulated, low-calorie HMR weight-loss shakes and meals. You just add fruits and vegetables.

HMR Healthy Shakes Diet Kit
A weight-loss program that lets you substitute low-calorie HMR weight-loss shakes for most daily meals and snacks.

Everything You Need for Fast and Effective Weight Loss
HMR at Home weight-loss programs include everything you need to get started, lose weight quickly, and stay motivated: They’re healthy, highly structured, and practical. No counting calories, carbs or points. No decisions to make—everything is detailed in your step-by-step daily diet plan. Cost-effectiveness is built right in. You may actually save money while losing weight, feeling better, and looking great. HMR’s delicious, nutritious diet foods are portable and require no refrigeration. Have an HMR meal or snack wherever and whenever hunger strikes