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08/04/2015 FDA Approves First Pill Made by 3D Printing
Epilepsy drug Spritam may be one of many custom-made medicines to come that will use the technology
08/03/2015 Dementia Meds May Lead to Harmful Weight Loss: Study
Patients can lose 10 pounds or more, researchers find
07/23/2015 'Bath Salts' Not Widespread in U.S. High Schools, Survey Finds
But nearly one in five teens who tried the stimulants are regular users
07/23/2015 U.S. Health Officials Examine Pot-Linked Death in Colorado
Experts aren't clear on cause, but undiagnosed mental illness might have played a part
07/23/2015 Drug Might Fight Ebola-like Marburg Virus
Study found infected monkeys were less likely to die with treatment
07/21/2015 Antibiotic May Lower Effect of Some Blood Thinners
Doctors should closely monitor patients who have to take these drugs together, expert says
07/10/2015 Experts Urge Caution With Popular Painkillers After FDA Warning
Tougher labels reflect mounting evidence that NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, naproxen raise heart, stroke risk
07/10/2015 Marijuana Study Counters 'Gateway' Theory
It says specific reasons teens try pot are better predictors of future drug use
07/10/2015 FDA Strengthens Heart Attack, Stroke Warning for Popular Painkillers
NSAIDS include such drugs as ibuprofen and naproxen; aspirin not included in alert
07/09/2015 Back Pain and Depression Combo Lessens Pain Relief from Narcotic Painkillers
People with mental health illness are also more at risk of drug misuse, study says
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