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07/21/2011 Health Tip: Recognizing Strange Behavior
When it becomes cause for concern
07/20/2011 Health Tip: Cosmetics May Have Side Effects
Suggestions for using them safely
07/20/2011 Health Tip: Swim to Get Fit
But take precautions to prevent injury
07/19/2011 Health Tip: Get Kids Moving
Ways to encourage physical activity
07/19/2011 Health Tip: Pain Relievers Aren't for Everyone
Who should speak to a doctor before taking them
07/18/2011 Health Tip: Keep Kids' Lunches Cool
And other safety suggestions when packing for school or camp
07/18/2011 Health Tip: Stay Safe and Healthy During Travels
Wash hands often, choose foods carefully, among other suggestions
07/15/2011 Health Tip: Controlling Your Diabetes
How tight control of blood glucose can benefit your health
07/15/2011 Health Tip: Take Appendicitis Symptoms Seriously
Recognize these warning signs
07/14/2011 Health Tip: Benefitting From Cross-Training
Here's why it may be good for you
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