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05/07/2012 Health Tip: Work on Good Posture
Your feet should rest flat on the floor
05/04/2012 Health Tip: Make TV Time Exercise Time
Walk around during commercials
05/04/2012 Health Tip: Managing a Hammertoe
Wear loose-fitting shoes
05/03/2012 Health Tip: Be Alert for Signs of Preeclampsia
A potentially dangerous pregnancy complication
05/03/2012 Health Tip: Recognize Early Signs of Autism
Including no babbling or pointing by age 1
05/02/2012 Health Tip: Help Prevent Back Pain
Exercise to strengthen lower back muscles
05/02/2012 Health Tip: Watch for Symptoms of Seizure
They can vary, depending on affected part of brain
05/01/2012 Health Tip: Don't Forget Aerobic Exercise
Walk instead of driving
05/01/2012 Health Tip: Taking the Kids for a Shopping Cart Ride
First, they must be buckled in
04/30/2012 Health Tip: Caring for a Blister
If possible, just leave it alone
1911 - 1920 records of 3068  << |  More Recent  |  Less Current  | >>